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Jessica Kolahi, PA-C, LA-C


Jessica Kolahi is a Physician Assistant, functional medicine provider, acupuncturist, herbalist, and professor. She brings nearly 20 years of integrative medicine experience to her patients, providing full spectrum women's wellness care.

By combining traditional and modern medical diagnostics, Jessica's goal is to help women reconnect with their bodies, trust in the capacity to heal, uncover the holistic underlying causes of disease, and offer the best treatment and guidance available using an integrative approach.


She’s completed training at Pacific University’s PA program, The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Institute for Functional Medicine, and has mentored with Dr. Aviva Romm in her women's health functional medicine deep dive. She has served in outpatient and inpatient medical settings, caring for a spectrum of patients, including women desiring greater understanding of their bodies for optimal wellbeing, women with complex multi-system imbalances, and women looking for natural fertility support.


In her current practice, she synthesizes her clinical experience to serve as a compassionate guide and detective to anchor into root cause healing, supporting women with hormonal imbalances, fertility challenges, fatigue, insomnia, gut dysfunction, sluggish metabolism, and inflammation. She offers her patients the gentle yet powerful support provided by functional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and diet and lifestyle coaching, as well as contemporary laboratory diagnostics and prescriptive capacity of herbs, supplements, and pharmaceuticals.


Jessica is also a mother, dog devotee, avid kitesurfer, and ocean worshiper. She regularly leverages radical self-care practices to recover from her love-affair with water sports. She believes in the intrinsic power all people have to heal themselves with skillful investigation and guidance.



2920 Webster St, San Francisco, CA 94123

ph‪one: (415) 741-1509 fax: (415) 534-2816

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