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Conditions Treated

With training as a PA in general and functional medicine, and as an acupuncturist and herbalist, Jessica works with women with a variety of physical, mental, and emotional complaints. Her specialties include:

Hormone Support & Balancing

Discover how to naturally enhance fertility, heal from vaginal dysbiosis, recurrent UTIs, PCOS, and endometriosis. Enjoy ease in menopause (with or without bio-identical hormone replacement therapy). Support thyroid and adrenal function. Jessica has special expertise in acupuncture for fertility support.

Reduce Inflammation

Identify inflammatory triggers in your diet, lifestyle, and environment with cutting edge functional medicine labs. Create your personalized self-care routine to support normal immune function, and upgrade medications and supplements.

Gut Dysfunction Elimination

Experience relief from bloating, IBS, and chronic discomfort with investigation of food sensitivities, increased gut permeability, occult infections, and microbiome imbalances. Learn how to become your own steward for optimal digestion.

Energy, Mood, Metabolism & Sleep Optimization

Uncover underlying causes of metabolic dysfunction. Create a comprehensive plan to naturally experience greater energy, release of excess weight, deeper sleep, improved mood, and relief from brain fog.

Jessica focuses on teaching her patients how to find their own best version of ideal health, through diet and lifestyle coaching, as well as supplement & herbal medicine support, medication management (including deprescribing), and acupuncture. She investigates with deep dives into health history, as well as comprehensive lab work when required. 


Some conditions may require collaboration with medical specialists. Jessica assists with navigating the complex medical system, acting as an advocate and educator for her patients, helping to simplify and organize their care. Although Jessica is trained in general medicine, and can order prescriptions, labs and imaging, it is recommended to have an additional primary care provider for regular health screenings (such as pap smears) and basic preventative care. This way, appointments with Jessica can focus more on inquiry, investigation, and coaching.

If you would like additional information about how your healing journey with Jessica might unfold, book a fifteen minute discovery call to connect.

For information on Pricing and Insurance, please see FAQ


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