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Unconscious Beliefs Linked to Autoimmunity

In all my work in medicine, I have found that the emotional body is so tied to the physical body, they are inseparable when it comes to healing.

If you are suppressing your emotions, or strongly believe you will not heal, your cells hear this message, and healing becomes a more difficult journey. This is linked to the nocebo effect (the opposite of the placebo effect).

In his research, Dr. Gabor Mate, author of "When the Body Says No" identified 8 unconscious belief systems linked with the development of chronic illness. The thought forms are as follows:

- I have to be strong - It's not right for me to be angry - If I'm angry, I will not be lovable - I'm responsible for the whole world - I can handle anything (on my own) - I'm not wanted- I'm not lovable - I don't exist unless I do something. I must justify my existence - I have to be very ill to deserve being taken care of

If you find yourself repeating any of the thoughts and beliefs below, your emotional body needs support in addition to your physical body for transformative healing and longevity! Your body does not exist in isolation from your thoughts and emotions. Complete transformation requires a holistic perspective.

"There are many different ways to find that innate human capacity for freedom, outlined in many teachings, books and other sources. Liberation from oppressive and stressful external circumstances is essential, but that is only possible if we first liberate ourselves from the tyranny of our ingrained biology of belief." - Dr. Gabor Mate

Press Alert: My Dear Friend, Tiana Laurence, authored a book recently titled "Stubborn Joy", and we've been collaborating on a companion course for her book to help people climb the emotional ladder from shame to joy and peace. More information coming soon!

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