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Integrative Women's Health SF


Functional & Integrative Medicine approach to Women's Health

What people are saying...

If you are looking for a provider to help you improve your health that is friendly, attentive, intelligent and caring, I suggest making an appointment with Jessica. I came to Jessica with terrible stomach and skin issues after 2 years of frustration with Kaiser Permanente treatment. I was easily able to make an appointment with her and during our first appointment she was very attentive. She listened to everything I had to say, took extensive notes, and asked great questions. We talked TOGETHER about the paths I could take to get to my end goal of getting healthy again, and implemented a plan. She is extremely well informed and studied in her field of medicine and does her research. She helped me feel like I have control over my health again after 2 years of feeling frustrated and hopeless that I would be resigned to treatment that I didn't feel comfortable with. Within 2 months of working with Jessica, I felt and saw a significant improvement in my symptoms and have learned so much valuable information about how my body functions best as we continue to together.


Vision & Mission Statement

I believe the body has innate capacity to heal, and that food, lifestyle, environment, and relationships, can provide you with precisely what is needed to reach your own personal version of vitality.


I believe the body communicates clearly whether your daily habits are in or out of alignment with ideal wellness, and that contemporary lab data is only supportive to what the body already has to say. 


I believe in a hierarchy of healing practices, starting with those practiced by you every day in your home, supported by natural herbs and supplements, and only then, if that is not enough, with modern pharmaceuticals as needed. 

My mission is to educate, and create the container for you to heal yourself through wisdom sharing, thoughtful investigation, education, focused intervention, and compassionate connection.

Jessica Kolahi
Physician Assistant & Acupuncturist

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