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Struggling to lose weight? Inflammation might be to blame!

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Chronic inflammation is the underlying cause of countless disease processes, as well as premature aging, and for many people, difficulty losing weight.

So… what is inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s immune response to certain triggers. Small amounts of inflammation protects the body from foreign pathogens, and also preserves normal tissue repair. However, when unchecked, inflammation results in abnormal cellular responses. The result: interruption of normal blood circulation, poor digestion, loss of mental clarity, thyroid and adrenal hormone imbalances, and decreased reproductive capacity.

Inflammation results from a variety of internal and external factors. Infection, toxin exposure, stress, and radiation all result in increased inflammation. The stealthiest cause of chronic inflammation, however, is diet.

There are certain foods that promote inflammation in nearly all people. Modern farming practices and modifications to foods are increasingly to blame. But apart from this, the human body evolved consuming different foods than what is readily available in modern grocery stores, and it therefore, it is simply not equipped to eat certain foods in the volumes that have become normalized in the Standard American Diet. When consumed in excess, the body views these foods as foreign and cannot assimilate them appropriately, so an immune response is triggered.

Top pro-inflammatory foods include:

- Dairy

- Wheat

- Corn

- Sugar

- Processed foods that include trans fats or hydrogenated oil

- Artificial food additives

- Red meat that is not grass fed or organic

Anti-inflammatory foods, on the other hand, provide the body with the nutrients it needs for optional functioning. People on anti-inflammatory diets generally experience improved energy, improved mood and digestion, and healing from any number of inflammatory conditions. As a bonus, they also more easily drop lingering weight, which can result from low level inflammation.

As a rule of thumb, anti-inflammatory foods are as close to whole and unprocessed as possible. Ideally they are organically sourced so they don’t contain environmental toxins. If the food is an animal protein, it is raised in a healthy environment with space to move, also eating anti-inflammatory foods (hint: not grains), and without additional medications to enhance growth.

Top anti-inflammatory foods include:

- Leafy green vegetables (and most vegetables)

- Berries (and most fruit)

- Nuts, especially raw almonds and walnuts

- Seeds, including quinoa, chia, sesame, and flax seeds

- Fish high in omega 3s such as salmon

- Good fats such as olive oil and coconut oil

- Spices, including turmeric and ginger

- High-fiber unrefined gluten-free grains such as buckwheat, amaranth, and farro

If you struggle with mental clarity, low energy, hormone imbalance, inflammatory skin conditions, poor digestion, and stubborn weight- an anti-inflammatory diet may be the key to reversing your symptoms and, experiencing true healing.

Wanting more support with stubborn weight? Jessica Kolahi, PA-C, LAc, hosts this focused group weight-loss programs for women, based on an anti-inflammatory diet with intermittent fasting. The group is specially designed for moms and women undergoing deep transformation. The beta group completes Fall 2022, with a relaunch January 2023. Women in the first cohort have lost 15-20 pounds on average in just a matter of 6 weeks, and are keeping it off!

In her own healing journey, Jessica released 18lbs of persistent post-partum weight using this approach. The Reclaim for Mamas program includes a comprehensive diet that has helped thousands of individuals release 15-30 lbs of inflammatory weight in a matter of 6 weeks, as well as weekly coaching and an online community for support. This program is for women who would like to:

- Permanently release 15+ lbs of weight, by reseting hormones, their metabolism, and their relationship with food

- Deep dive into emotional and mindset mastery to step into the best versions of themselves

- Travel alongside other women on the same path

Learn more at:

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